Monday, January 22, 2007

Symbiot Sportback Review

Picture courtesy of SymbiotDesign

Philadelphia has the distinction of being the birthplace of many things, among them amazing cheesesteaks, the Manayunk Wall, and Rocky Balboa. However, there is another item that can now be added to the list, the Symbiot Sportback.

This backpack for the active lifestyle is one of the most comfortable backpacks I've ever worn. It fits snugly around my torso (eliminating the usual shifting you get from other packs worn over the shoulders) and fits perfectly against my back in the tuck position (less of an effect from the wind). Plus, the padding you get for your back is very thick and hardly keeps you from noticing it. You don't have to worry about not having enough pockets with the Sportback either, there are plenty provided for you.

Although space is limited in these (don't plan on carrying a large laptop in here), there is still more than enough room for the things you'd take for a spin. Plus, with bladder compartment as part of the Sportback, there is practically nothing you cannot do with this bag.

As compared to other bags out on the market right now, you should expect to see sales of this bag grow once the word spreads.

And as a bit of trivia, the latitude/longitude coordinates on the Sportback tag are as follows:


Plot those and you'll learn a little about the company.

Update: Professional posts his own review of the Symbiot Sportback.


Anonymous said...

Hartwell Lane? Looks like they are in Mt. Airy, maybe 4 miles from my house. Looks like a good product, not really my cup of Kool-Aid though.

Anonymous said...

I think they should rename it to "The Reverse Dolly"

Anonymous said...

Hey Fixedgear and Warren t: This is one of the designers of this product. Mt. Airy is correct. Actually the coordinates will take you to a very cool spot called Devils Pool. If you enjoy hiking, I recommend the trip. Thanks for your feedback and be sure to check out our website: Thanks Cyclelicious for posting this review.

Anonymous said...

It's 200 cubic inches. I truly LOVE the design, but my pannier, at 450 cubic inches, is already restrictively small.

Anonymous said...

Danielo, 200ci is relatively small, so you have to pack the sportback creatively. It's smaller size also reduces the risk of accidental over-packing (which creates that pack flopping affect we're all familiar with). Feel free to leave more comments on our site: As we continue our journey, we hope to collect as many comments as we can to build more products for adventurers like yourself. Thanks again Cyclelicious, your review is becoming very helpful. Cheers.