Thursday, January 18, 2007

Zip ties on tire

Here's a cheap substitute for tire chains or studded tires -- use zip ties on your tires for extra traction on snowy roads. These will interfere with the brakes, of course, so it's suitable only if you have a fixed gear bike or some sort of hub or disk brakes. You'll also need to check for clearance.

I own a mountain bike and studded tires. Somebody let me know if this actually helps or not. The original instructions recommend placing these only on the rear tire, but experienced icebikers know that it's better to have traction on the front for control. I don't know, though, if zipties provide any control, or if they're just better for traction.


bikefridaywalter said...

aw, damn! all of our snow is gone. i never thought of that idea but that's a really good idea. if we ever get snow in the valley again, i will definately let you know. i think it's more likely that us west coasters will have the definitive answer on this since every where else in the country gets salt and snowplows. in eugene everything shuts down if we get even the faintest hint of snowflakes. no one knows how to drive it and it's usually pretty damn dangerous. and the bike path is the WORST place to be.

Wallet B. Grundle said...

That's some really clever thinking, and definitely a trick I'll keep in mind.