Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cannondale folding bicycle

Cannondale's Jack Knife concept is now a ridable, working reality! This prototype Cannondale folding bicycle -- designed in Switzerland by Cannondale engineers Torgny Fjeldskaar and Chris Dodman -- was seen at Eurobike.

Cannondale designer Chris Dodman shows off the prototype folding bicycle at Eurobike 2007. This is a full size bike with 26" inche wheels that folds back so the front wheel overlaps the rear wheel. That beefy chainguard you see is also an integrated chainstay and rear wheel rocker, providing all of the support for the rear wheel. The non-drive side is completely empty.

This bicycle has SRAM's iMotion 9 speed hub which has been modified for the unique characteristics of this folder.

Like the rear wheel, the front wheel is supported on one side with a one-sided "fork," kind of like the Lefty fork, except this one is a "Righty." This enables more compact folding of the bike.

According to the German cycling magazine Aktiv Radfahren, production of this bike is dependent on dealer response to this prototype.

Read more also at Bike Radar, where they talk about urban bike offerings from Cannondale (including the new Hooligan) and Bianchi.

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Anne said...

If my credit card wasn't still smoking form other bike's and bits, I'd be sticking my hand up for one of these. Interesting to see the change is thinking from two triangles and two hoops. I like it Fritz.

Fritz said...

Anne, I'm shocked! I thought you were all about "Low cost" :-)

Really, though, I know what you mean. So many cool bikes, so little time and money.

Warren T said...

I wonder how long it takes to fold them and un-fold them. Also, would the bike feel unbalanced?

Anonymous said...

I would really like to see it folded. I cannot see how it can go that small, more dismountable than truly foldable.

If it does not go Brompton small I am not interested :)

Fritz said...

I'm interested also in seeing how small this folds. If I see this bike at Interbike I'll post a followup.

gwadzilla said...


Wired is getting their information from Cyclicious!


devja71 said...

if it came in a 20in wheel version and somehow rear fox shock it would be perfect. i like it so far, but the 26in wheels might make it a bit large. good thinkin tho