Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Laterally stiff yet vertically compliant

I think I've written this before, but I'll write it again: "Bike Snob NYC has outdone himself." Go read his BSNYC 2008 Dream Bike Shootout. Here's a sample of comments that Bike Snob received in response to his article:
  • "Tea out of my nose in the office."
  • "i just threw up in my handlebar bag."
  • "You're killin' me!"
  • "Diet Coke and Sun Chips, back wall of the office."
  • And even: "You have it all, all, all horribly wrong: It's we Bicycling editors who pine for the chance to be published in BikeSnob. --Bill Strickland"


There's more, but I figure that's enough for now.


UltraRob said...

I have several pictures on my blog of the battle between Dave Wiens and Floyd Landis. Once I get a chance I'll do a write up and upload the few hundred other pictures I took of the race. I have a lot going on so it may take a while.

Dr. Logan said...

If that was really Bill Strickland, I wonder what he thought about the less-than-favorable comments regarding Bicycling's advertising practices.