Friday, August 24, 2007

Cruiser bikes from Masi

Tim "Masi Guy" Jackson has unveiled one of the new bikes in the 2008 lineup. The Masi Speciale SoulVille.

Speciale Soulville

This bike is simply gorgeous!

This cruiser bike represents a shift to diversifying from Masi's road and track racing heritage. “Let’s face it, road—more specifically race bikes—had to slow down eventually,” Jackson said. “The market is expanding into more categories all the time, but the commuter/hybrid/utility bike category is one that particularly appeals to me.” Specs:
  • Internal 8spd rear hub with Revo shifter.
  • Coaster brake.
  • Simple arc bar with natural cork grips.
  • Ritchey adjustable stem.
  • Rack and fenders mount.
  • Custom Masi embossed leather saddle with springs.
  • Double butted chromoly steel with steel fork with lugged crown.
  • Alloy fenders with the Masi headbadge artwork laser etched on them(!)
  • Available in 14", 16", 18" and a 20".
This bike will retail for about $800 and will be available in black or cream.


alberto said...

Indeed, that's a good looking bike!

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Why thanks!

It's a sweet rig. I'm awfully proud of the work done by the group- Wayne Doran, Pat Crosby, Rick Ortiz- to make this idea a reality.

mike said...

Wow, utility and city bikes hit the big time! Its about time - I hope we throw enough tech and engineering knowledge at this as we have with our racer bikes and mountain bikes... before long we'll be jetting around in flying cars! (I mean bikes!) Very cool to see manufacturers getting with it.


Fritz - I've got you linked in my blogroll - wouldn't miss checking in on the deliciousness.