Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cyclist jacket with brake light and turn signals

Raise your arm before a turn, and a tilt switch activates big amber LEDs to signal your turn at night. An accelerometer detects when you slow down to illuminate a big patch of red LEDs on your back. This clever cyclist jacket is the invention of Michael Chen in London, who won a design competition with this jacket. He hopes a manufacturer will pick up his idea in time to make the jacket available in time for Christmas for UK£100 (about US$200). This cyclist jacket is demonstrated in the video below.

Hat tip to Cycle Dog, who wonders how the wiring and electronics will hold up under constant use and wet weather riding.

1 comment:

SueJ said...

I've invented this a thousand times... or at least wished it.

Now for a "horn" that will do assorted sound effects. When my brakes were really squeaky, people knew I was there!

How about something to hold a lipstick so I can beautify myself while at a stop light?

Seriously, I think some major brainstorming could come up with some major improvements for utilitarian cyclists. Cycling products tend to be focused on fair-weather recreational cyclists.