Friday, August 24, 2007

Masi Speciale Commuter

The Masi Speciale Commuter is a new bike for 2008 and is intended for the commuter market.
Masi Speciale Commuter

The new Speciale Commuter is a sweet metallic root beer color. It has long dropouts (forward facing!) with a dérailleur hanger, but stock this bike comes equipped with a freewheeling singlespeed cog on a 130 mm flip flop hub. The randonneur bars have natural cork tape on them. This is a commuter bike, so of course it has rack and fender mounts. CroMo fork and frame, of course. Kenda flat resistant Kwick Trax commuter tires have reflective sidewalls.

This bike is amazingly gorgeous.


James said...

This is slick. I want one. Is frameset only an option by chance?

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

I'm hoping to do a frameset option in small numbers later, but right now the production is going to the complete bikes.

And the red spot on the seatpost is a nifty integrated taillight. It's pretty darned cool.

The randonneur bars are simply awesome- they are so much fun to ride with. I even have them on my Mary SS 29er.

Thoglette said...

Commuter? Pretty, undoubtabley. But I wouldn't like to commute on it.

Swap the flipflop for a set of hub gears; add lights; some mudguards/fenders and maybe a chain guard. Then you can call it a commuter bike.

On that front, I'd like to add some deep V rims - just so that I can add some patches of 3M "school bus" yellow reflective tape.

GOB said...

This is what a Masi should look like.the paint and graffix, not necessarily the single speed.

pete said...

I ride this bike everyday the only thing I did was add a rack and a basket in the back and switch to a 16t fixed cog instead of the freewheel. Enjoying it immensly.

Halbo said...

Hmmm...commuter snobs, who would have thought.....that's a nice bike, ideal for my flat ride.