Wednesday, March 18, 2009

immigrants boost cycling in Oakland

In the Chron today, an article by Christopher Heredia:

despite the car-oriented landscape, residents of the city's Latino community, for the most part, liked to get around on foot and bicycle and, as a result, were bending the neighborhood to their collective will. . . . The bicycle was a key mode of transportation even though there weren't dedicated bike lanes . . . . they like the cacophony of cars and bicycles because it reminds them of big-city life in China.

I'm biased since I am the descendent of relatively recent immigrants, but I think immigration is the key factor keeping America strong. The U.S. has a lot to learn from other nations, and immigration is the easiest way!


Anonymous said...

That's how I felt until illegal immigrants completely destroyed my neighborhood. Theft has gone up, drugs have come in, garbage tossed in the street (they don't pay the taxes to have it cleaned up, why should they care). Parents are gone so you have kids taking care of even younger kids. I'll stop, but if these things could be fixed by cycling......that would be amazing.

kit said...

I'm just trying to figure out why latinos want to be "reminded of big city life in China."

Wish we had more flying pigeons imported, though. :)