Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My big thighs

I've never been a fast gainer and my legs are stick thin for a cyclist's legs, but I've always noticed that as the days get longer and I spend more time on the bike, my jeans get very tight around the thighs. Today, for example, just walking around it feels like the stitches are gonna rip right out of my jeans they're so tight.

These are not skinny sk8r jeans or something from Rock & Republic -- my jeans are usually the cheap bargain basement store brand denims. I guess it's time to wear my old man baggy chinos again.

Cozy Beehive had lots of big thigh cyclist photos in January.

Does that look like a stroller / bike hybrid below? The kiddo on the bike is Hugh Jackman's daughter, Eva Eliot, in New York City.

Deborra Lee Furness with her daughter Ava in NYC
Bicycles around the blogosphere

Maya Pedal.

Shorty Fatz chopper bikes.

Another interesting wooden bicycle.
55-year-old Peijia Wu, from Shandong province, allegedly took three months to build his DIY wooden bike. It features no metal parts whatsoever – joints are fixed with small wooden bungs and a rod-crank system has replaced where the chain would normally be.

Okay, it's a car, but still Gawker uses "stunning" to describe this Mercedes and I have to agree.

I realize I'm late to the party, but in case you haven't heard Phil Keoghan of The Amazing Race is riding his bicycle from LA to New York to race money for MS research.

Big BooomBox Bikes.

$2000 per ton for your carbon footprint?

I'm stunned! Alan is bent!

[Ad] Do I want to master mountain bike skills?

Product Recall: Better late than never, I suppose.


CyclistRick said...

Big thighs are a big topic in the local track racing community. You need to get on the bandwagon of doing weekly 'quad' measurements.

As for the fit of jeans/pants, you can join Beth's 'Keirin Cut' campaign; start with this post and follow her blog through the last year to see more of her attempts to get R&R to make jeans for cyclist quads.

Yokota Fritz said...

You've seen me, Rick, and you know my skinny legs don't match what track racers have :-)