Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Jamis Commuter 4.0 review

Some of you in the South Bay and Santa Cruz have seen me riding this Jamis Commuter 4.0 around this past month. I hope you like my milk carton kickstand.

Jamis Commuter 4.0

I reviewed the Jamis Commuter 4.0 for Road Bike Review. Note that this is the 2008 model. There are a couple of substantial additions in the 2009 model: a rear rack and dynamo hub with LED headlight are now standard on the Commuter 4.0 bicycle.

I'll have a follow up review in a week or two, so if you have questions or additional observations, please leave a comment over at Road Bike Review and I'll be happy to incorporate them. Thank you!

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getinlost said...

Well. It's not camera shy. Except for the one time.