Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Transit Quiz: Which route is best?

Tuesday's Transit Quiz might take some good knowledge of Santa Cruz Metro transit operation, but I'll give the details and see if you can figure it out.

I'm in downtown Santa Cruz at the Santa Cruz Metro Center at 4:23 PM. All I have is a $5 bill and no bus pass of any kind. You can count on departure times from the Santa Cruz Metro Center to be on time. Three buses go near my home in Scotts Valley:
  • The Highway 17 Express departs at 4:30 with scheduled arrival at 4:45 in the Scotts Valley Transit Center. This bus goes up Highway 17 to Scotts Valley. One way fare is $4.

  • Route 31 departs at 4:25 with scheduled arrival in Scotts Valley at 4:45 PM. This bus takes Graham Hill Road. One way fare is $1.50.

  • Route 35 departs 4:30 with scheduled arrival in Scotts Valley at 4:50, taking the same route to Scotts Valley as the Hwy 17 Express. One way fare is $1.50.
Which bus did I catch and why?

I'll post my answer later today as an update to this article.


HockeyRocker said...

Route 17 - it has wifi - guessing other routes do not.

murphstahoe said...

Take 35.

Route 17 is $2.50 more!

31 - Highway 17 is more likely to be FUBAR and delayed.

murphstahoe said...

oh wait. Just a $5 bill. If you can't get change you can just take the 17, but if you have 7 minutes you might be able to go get change.

Kattrap said...

Nab a coffee at the SC roasting shack to make change. While your coffee is dripping, watch the 31 take off with most of the waiting people. Jump in the 35 with your cup o joe.

Yokota Fritz said...

Kattrap's answer was perfect, though in my case I generally buy a taco from the taco stand at the Metro Center. They're muy yummy.

For speed, the Hwy 17 Express is absolutely the fastest. 31 meanders up Graham Hill Rd and stops everywhere. The 35 goes all the way to the north end of Scotts Valley before meandering back, again with multiple stops. Hwy 17 has fewer stops and most riders get on at the downtown bus station and makes a direct shot to Scotts Valley. You have to be careful, though, because not all Hwy 17 buses stop in S.V.

Kattrap said...

First I thought it was a trick question (just ride up and keep the $5), but then I thought I would give a shot with the lazy-day route.

__ said...

The highway 17 express public transit hotspot makes the route better than any other route. check this out: www.myjobinmotion.blogspot.com

Yokota Fritz said...

Thanks to those mentioning WiFi on the 17 Express. I use it frequently on my over-the-hill commmuter. For the short 10 minute ride to Scotts Valley, though, it's not a differentiator from the other routes.