Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bicycle news

Who's going to Maker Faire this weekend in San Mateo County?

Don't forget: Sunglasses giveaway.

IRO bicycle

Mayor of London Boris Johnson was cycling with the UK transport minister Baron Andrew Adonis when a truck passed them and nearly killed them. Dramatic CCTV video shows a truck passing Mayor of London Boris Johnson around a blind corner, sideswiping a parked vehicle and catapulting it into the group of cyclists.

And wouldn't it be cool to have a name like Lord Adonis?

Self locking bicycle. And another interesting design in this shape shifting Transformer bike.

Long commutes are a status symbol.

Last week, Jym Dyer stopped an attempted bike theft from Caltrain. He saw the bike thief again today and snapped some photos.

San Francisco Bike To School Day is Thursday.

Milan cycling fashion show, May 30 in Amsterdam.

More bike fashion: Bikes are the new black.

Propellor head. Really.

Engadget reviews the Schwinn Tailwind. I wrote the review for Momentum Magazine.


Jon said...

I'll be at Maker Faire this weekend! I'll be riding in the Rock the Bike social ride. I'll be riding a blue Univega with clipless pedals!

Yokota Fritz said...

I won't make that ride because (a) I'm coming from the South Bay and (b) I won't be there until Sunday. I plan to say hi to Paul F and his crew, though.

Jon said...

Well, if you see a guy with a green and blue Merlin jersey at the faire, that's me!

Alison Chaiken said...

I'll be at MF both days. Unlike you sartorially clueful guys, I haven't given a thought as to what to wear yet. I hope I will have a chance to dance to Paul F's music and hang with the _Momentum_ grrlz again this year. A friend and I are riding up from P.A. on Sunday if anyone wants to join up.