Friday, May 29, 2009

Florida bicycle sidecar

Jean Ulrey in Florida has a bicycle trailer to tote her granddaughter around, but the little girl kept getting dirt, grime and water in her face.

Besides the flap that comes with every bike trailer I've seen, an obvious solution is a fender. So Ms Ulrey, who owns a welding business, built a bicycle sidecar to carry her granddaughter.

According to this news article, Ulrey hopes to sell her sidecars and even patented the idea of attaching a sidecar to a bicycle.

More. Props to Warren, who now publishes a "Bicycle News" daily podcast.


Ron said...


Chariot trailers already has a patnet on this idea; they've been making one for years:

Happy Trails,
Ron Georg

countersTRIKE said...

Quite old idea, but more necessary now perhaps. Everything "new" is usually "old". Great to see things 'tried and true; but renamed "new'' '!

GhostRider said...

This is a popular transport technique in the Phillipines and has been done elsewhere for years, too -- it will be interesting to see if this lady's patent gets approved.

Anyone remember BMX sidecar racing?

del said...

Here is my version:

Benjamin said...

No one notices that she doesn't have a helmet on her grand daughter or her self.

Yokota Fritz said...

We all noticed; the story is on grandma the welder. Given the inherent instability of sidecar equipped bikes, though, a helmet may not be a bad idea.

Ron said...

flip flops and no helmet? who cares, grandma probably goes no farther than the corner Dairy Queen.