Saturday, May 23, 2009

Top Gear looks back for the future of American motoring

Happy (USA) Memorial Day weekend, everybody. If things go according to plan, I'm nowhere near my computer right now. This is an automated post.

Top Gear featured the Peel P50 micro mini car a couple of years ago. Its 49cc motor generates 4.5 HP for a top speed in the 30s. The Peel P50 was the smallest car ever manufactured.

In the video, Jeremy Clarkson shows his audience that you can drive the P50 between bollards, on sidewalks, through doors, into elevators, and through office building hallways.

H/T Paul Swansen in Denver, who drives a large luxury automobile for a living.

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Erik said...

On man, this was awesome and very, very cool. Added to my Google Reader for more consumption!