Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dahon folding bicycle recall

Dahon announced a recall of 2008 model year Dahon and REI Novara folding bicycles after the US CPSC received 25 reports of cracks in the handlepost hinge on these bicycles.

About 11,500 model year folding bicycles are affected by the recall. Dahon models affected are Ciao P8, Curve D3, Curve SL, Glide P8, Jetstream P8, Mu P8, Mu P24, MU SL, Mu XL Sport, Vitesse D7 HG, Speed D7, Speed P8, Speed TR, Speed Pro TT, and Mariner D7. Novara Buzz FlyBy and FlyBy Shuttle branded bikes sold through REI are also recalled.

Consumers with these bicycles should contact their Dahon dealer or REI store for a free inspection and repair.



SiouxGeonz said...

Yea, my LBS emailed us about it several weeks ago, before Dahon put it out to the public.

Yokota Fritz said...

A good reason to register product! I didn't know about the earlier, private recall notice.

JN New York City said...

I registered my bike but was not notified. On top of that, my dealer in NYC (Sids a large bike dealer) has had my bike for 2 weeks now and reports they have received zero recall parts from Dahon.
I wrote to Dahon, never got an answer of any kind.
I think their actions are deplorable. Recalling 11,000+ bikes without having the parts? I live in NYC August is pretty much the summer for us and mine has been ruined.