Thursday, June 04, 2009

Bicycle safety San Francisco

A good article in the Chron about the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition's Urban Cycling Workshops, which teaches cyclists how to ride more safely in San Francisco.

Linda Atkins, an everyday bike commuter who hasn't owned a car for 20 years, was amazed at the difference in perception a little training could make. "It was like night and day," she says of her experience with the Urban Cycling Workshops. "I felt much safer, much more relaxed, much more confident."
More in the Chronicle: "Safe streets: Workshops help cyclists trim risk."

For similar bike safety education programs in your area in the United States, look at the League of American Bicyclists Bike Education resources page. You can search by state for instructors and classes.

I have an LAB Road 1 certificate; someday maybe I'll become an LCI.


Tony Bullard said...

I love the article title "Workshops help cyclists trim risk."

'With some training you can make the death defying task of riding a bike into something only as dangerous as running in traffic!'

Tommy Williams said...

I've got one of those LAB Road 1 certificates, too. And, like you, I have thought a few times about getting the instructor certification.

Joel said...

Fritz - since you have the cert can you do a longer post on it? I've never really felt the need to do the class and have ridden some pretty hairy cities (Oakland, Baltimore) without feeling that what I was doing remotely approached 'death defying'. I would love to see a discussion of the value-added from the course though.