Saturday, June 06, 2009

First comes love, then comes marriage and the baby carriage

Long ago, I suggested a bicycle honeymoon to Husband, covering a route from central New York, where we then lived, to the Capital Region, where I had relatives.
More in "Bicyclists bring business".

Bike Commute Tips: Pregnancy and bicycling?


Citizen Rider: Cycling is a civil right.

Bob Mionske: Is cycling a right or a privilege ?

The Prisoner's Tour of France began this week. Their kit looks pretty sharp.

Prison cycle Tour de France 2009 first stage from Lille to Valenciennes

Money & business...

Federal stimulus funds for Boulder Colorado bike share?

New Belgium Brewery's pro-bike policies makeit to CNN.

Unemployed and out of money? Don't expect to get a date: "Being too cheap can be a turnoff for women like Virginia Wall, 40, who works in retail sales in Philadelphia. She doesn't believe in coffee or drinks as a first date and expects the man to pay." More...

Prolly: A new paint scheme for the 2010 Bianchi Pista.


-p said...

They get to ride bikes around France in fancy outfits and hang out with women? Time to knock over a French bank.

Yokota Fritz said...

Yeah, no kidding :-)