Saturday, June 20, 2009

Minneapolis Bike Share

The Twin Cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN plan to start a bike share next May, 2010 called Nice Ride Minnesota, a brand created by Duffy & Partners, a local design firm.

“We immediately knew we wanted Joe Duffy and his team involved in creating the identity for Nice Ride Minnesota,” said Bill Dossett, principal consultant for the Twin Cities bike share initiative and a City of Lakes Nordic Ski Foundation organizer. “Duffy & Partners has a unique sense for city events and culture, as was proven in the identity they created for The City of Lakes Loppet, an annual cross-country ski festival around Minneapolis lakes. Duffy’s experience, coupled with their hometown passion, made for an inspiring, creative partnership.”

Along with branding Nice Ride Minnesota, Duffy & Partners is also committed to seeing the growth and success of the program into the future, with members of the company volunteering their time at Nice Ride Minnesota promotional events. Joseph Duffy, designer at Duffy & Partners, also volunteers his time as a board member of Nice Ride Minnesota.

Initially, the system will launch phase one with 1,000 bicycles in 75 kiosks around downtown Minneapolis, Uptown and the University of Minnesota. Service will eventually expand to St. Paul and other high-density neighborhoods around the Twin Cities. Phase one is expected to go live in spring 2010.

More --> Nice Ride Minnesota.


Anonymous said...

blog marketing ruins the northland ruins events and brings falsity to our surroundings.

kit said...

Great irony, complaining about the falsity of blog marketing anonymously. The only thing ruining anything is you, sir.

This news is entirely relevant to the readers of this blog. I, for one, am excited. I make several business trips to Minneapolis a year, and am eager to hear how this pans out.

In the mean time, those cyclists traveling in the Minneapolis-St Paul region should not miss one on one bicycle studio in the warehouse district.

It's a combination bike studio, rental shop, and coffee bar, and about the coolest little business I've ever set foot in. If you love coffee and bicycles, it's paradise.

Yokota Fritz said...

Kit: Thanks for standing up for me, but I'm actually guilty as charged. Part of the text above was copied from a press release written to promote the PR agency that created the name. I was lazy on this one.