Friday, June 26, 2009

Deep thoughts

"Bike vandals are like baby pigeons, you know they exist, but you never see them." - Bicicleta Bandita.


Jim Langley says, "Every city bike needs a nice wicker basket."

Efficiency in Inefficiency.

Some thoughts on the little things.

Join the ITSA Congestion Challenge.

Charleston Cycle Chic.

New England Muscle Bike Museum.

A nice Santa Cruz bike ride.

Amsterdam: More bike trips than car trips for the first time.

Van shoes, cruiser bikes, skateboards and long hair at Bike Hugger.



Ron said...

Hey just thought of creating a facebook fan page for CB as well. Check it out. Its nothing over the boat but a start :)

You think Michael Jackson ever rode a bike? I bet the design would have to incorporate an umbrella so his skin doesn't degrade under the sun. Maybe a couple of trailers for kids too?

Yokota Fritz said...

Joined the FB fan page, and thanks for joining mine :-)