Friday, June 26, 2009

Team Astana Tour de France 2009 roster

Team Astana's "New French Revolution" announced their roster for the Tour de France 2009 that starts next weekend, but I sure can't figure out how to navigate their flash heavy website.


Steve Dennis said...

as has been noted elsewhere - the site heavily features black and yellow as opposed to Astana's team colors. The Revolution begins according to the site - I wouldn't be surprised if the team presentations the night before the Tour reveal Team Livestrong as opposed to Astana, or the revolution occurs during the Tour leading to Livestrong immediately afterwards.

bikesgonewild said...

...lotta talk on a lotta race oriented sites about astana's tour line-up, why it is what it is & who'll be supporting who but the bottom line is that any conceivable way you slice it, it'a a lousy, bloody shame that christopher horner ain't riding the 2009 tour de france...

...i am bummed...

John Calnan said...

Manager: Johan BRUYNEEL -
Lance Armstrong (USA)
Alberto Contador (Spa)
Levi Leipheimer (USA)
Andreas Kloden (Ger)
Haimar Zubeldia (Spa)
Yaroslav Popovych (Ukr)
Gregory Rast (Swi)
Sergio Paulinho (Por)
Dmitriy Muravyev (Kaz)

Yokota Fritz said...

@Steve: I haven't checked but I suspect the LIVESTRONG Foundation probably pays for the Astana website design, especially since they're turning Team Astana TdF into a Livestrong charity ride.

@BGW: Yes, bummer about Horner indeed :-(

@John: Thank you so much!

Shahen said...

does anyone know where I can buy like a package to watch the Tour De France online? I don't have cable TV so I can't watch it on tv. Is there anything online where I can buy like a package to watch live streaming online?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Yokota Fritz said...

Shahen: I haven't looked yet but Steephill.TV is usually very good at posting all of the available viewing options for the big bike races.

Anonymous said...

you can watch the tour on

Go BRUNO!!!!!

Proteos said...

As has been noted, Horner has been open about wishing to go to another team and at a time when team unity is already rumored to be split, this makes a difficult situation harder. As for rumors that loyalties are split, I think that's overplayed. I foresee Armstrong as a strong domestique that will take a wait and see approach to see how strong he is compared to Contador in the mountains. Unless he sees a real chance, I think he'll be content in that role.