Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bam Bent!

Behold the bamboo built recumbent trike.

bamboo recumbent trike

Monash University industrial design student Alexander Vittouris in Melbourne, Australia designed this three wheeled recumbent "Naturally Derived Personal Mobility Vehicle" using a bamboo fiber and resin composite, something like the bamboo composite that mad scientist Brano Meres showed off in 2008.

In his design contest submission, Vittouris writes:

The philosophy of urban personal mobility as well as recreational transportation fits well with the configuration of a recumbent tricycle. The reclined position places the rider in a comfortable situation whilst the inherent nature of the design offers stability. The BamTrike also offers generous side storage pockets for carrying goods, which eliminates the need of wearing a cumbersome backpack.

See the full description @ Australian Design Award - James Dyson Award student entries: "BamTrike - Naturally derived personal mobility." Via Yanko Design: Bam Trike Personal Mobility Device and props to Wes.


Duncan Watson said...

That is a very cool trike. I passed it on. Thanks.

dexey said...

A triumph of design over form? How would you wear a backpack, cumbersome or otherwise, on a recumbent trike anyway?

Travis Prebble said...

Dexey - That particular design has areas for storage already built into it. You'd throw your backpack into one of those pockets.

On a traditional trike, I've used messenger bags and slung them to the side after cinching up the shoulder strap. Or you can go with a portable pannier solution.