Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mission Workshop Vandal backpack

Who needs a cargo bike when you have the Mission Workshop Vandal Backpack?

The guys who orginally founded Chrome bags have moved on and started Yet Another Backpack company specializing in waterproof bags that can tote surf gear, computer stuff, a bicycle and even your groceries!

More from the BR&IN: hrome Founders Launch Mission Workshop.


MarvinK said...

That dude should wear a helmet. The backpack was cool when I saw it at interbike, but the ad is maybe a little too 'cool' for its own good.

SiouxGeonz said...

Hmmm... we saw him putting in the computer and canteloups in those nifty keen compartments... but they didn't say what he had to go through to get the bicycle on board.
OH, yea, and he didn't have gloves, or eye protection either -- probably not enough sunscreen... and did he lift with his legs or his back? Ah, the folly of youth...