Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Japanese transit etiquette

Etiquette poster for rapid transit in the Tokyo area.

The complete set includes graphics of people falling down drunk, applying makeup, and yacking on the phone while riding the subway. Alas, no rude cyclists are in the set. Loud cellphone yackers on the train bug me; women applying makeup doesn't. Via copyranter.


-S- said...

I've never seen anyone try to take a bike on the trains in Tokyo. Lots of people park them outside the stations though. Here's a poster.

bryantp said...

I've tried to take my bike onto trains here. They do not allow it. In all fairness, the trains are too crowded as is...I get dirty looks when I take my luggage with me.

Jym said...

=v= That's awesome. I've never used subway straps like that, but when I lived in Fremont there was some outdoor workout equipment along the multi-use trail in Central Park. I could ride right up between the gymnastic rings and do pullups without getting off my bike.

Curtis Corlew said...

Late night BART after a concert at the Great American Music Hall.

andy marshall said...

The posters are for the Tokyo Metro which are in general a deep underground service. You can take bikes on other train services as long as they are folded down and in a bag. Though I wouldn't advise doing that at peak time on the Yamate Line!!
Quite a few people do take bikes on trains especially summer weekends but the etiquette is to take use the ends of a carriage as there is more room.
Done it myself a few times, JR staff were very friendly and helpful.