Monday, December 21, 2009

I drove to work today, oh boy

I drove to work today for the 3rd time this year.

My wife is working today and my daughter is out of school for the holidays, so I planned to do the bus / train / bike trip together with my daughter. She's accustomed to that so no big deal, but then last night the weatherman forecast rain for today.

I told my daughter to get her rain jacket out and pack a change of clothes (her bike doesn't have fenders), when Sara suggested driving my daughter to the office. There's a reason we use the acronym SWMBO, so of course I followed her suggestion, and besides it would allow us to sleep in an extra half hour and still get to the office on time.

Except a couple of cars flipped over on Highway 101 near Embarcadero blocking three of the four northbound lanes, and I stepped into the office an hour later than usual. My back hurts and my shoulders are stiff from sitting in the car for nearly two hours. And wouldn't you know it, the weather is absolutely gorgeous this morning.

My daughter just told me, "Dad, we should've rode our bikes today." Agreed.


Karl McCracken (twitter: @karlonsea) said...

Ah, you've been caught out by The Great Weather Forecasters Lie.

No matter what they say, it's always perfect weather for riding a bike.

GeekGuyAndy said...

That's what you get for driving :D
Of course the people who drive every day are just used to delays like that.

My friends and family used to ask me why I didn't just drive to work in winter, since it's fairly close (4 miles) so it's not like the gas would cost much. Then I get the joy of explaining to them that driving would require shoveling out the car, scraping the windshields, driving half the distance before it warms up (my commute starts with a 2 mile downhill) only to park 4 blocks away and walk from there. I could get a parking spot right next to the building... for $1400 a year.

Or I could just bike it. I enjoy actually feeling what the weather is like. I'm afraid that people are going to eventually evolve to be cold-intolerable since you can now start your car remotely to make sure that you never have to leave a perfectly climate-controlled bubble.

As much as I dislike riding in the cold rain, I love that I do it. It makes me a little stronger mentally and increases my tolerance for things that aren't always perfect. Plus, with full fenders it's really not so bad.

Yokota Fritz said...

I know I know, there's no bad weather, just bad clothing.

Unfortunately, my daughter has grown out of everything suitable for rain riding. Her inclement weather outdoor gear are hand me downs from her older brother, but there are limits to what she'll wear.

But of course that's all moot since the weather turned out to be pleasant: just light rain and mild temperatures.

SiouxGeonz said...

And you didn't correct her grammar? You should have ridden your bikes!

Yokota Fritz said...

@Sioux: Always the school teacher... Yes'm.

SiouxGeonz said...

(and gosh, you don't keep her decked out in the Latest Fashion Statement stuff one sees so often here?)

1.5 motorized commutes last year for me (put the bike on the bus to get home one snowy day). Hoping this year isn't quite as hairy, though.