Friday, December 07, 2007

Bicycle blog

Tready calls it Speedlinking, so here we go...

WIRED: Rent bikes via cellphone in Germany.

Photo by Bruce Turner in Austin.

MAKE: Conductive paint LED bike helmet.

Photo: One legged track cyclist at the Thinking Blog. I see a one legged bike commuter during my commute on some mornings.

Gizmodo doesn't like the bicycle food tray.

People keep pointing me to this this Hello Kitty Tire. Enough already!

Ithaca: Bike shop brings community together.

LA bicycle ride stories.

11 year old girl donates bike to feed the hungry.

A winter time story in the mass media about tips for the bike commuter.

Drew does a no-hands, trackstanding self portrait "panda" shot. And he claims, "I can track stand till the cows come home, but I can't ride no hands." Yes, he's trackstanding in his apartment in this photo.

Delta Sports Arantix truss frame in the news. I've touched this bike; it's delicious.

Tour of Georgia 2008 course details.

Christmas idea: Buy a vaccine delivery bike for UNICEF.

Urban Velo: Advocating advocacy. It's a good idea.

Tuscon Christmas bicycle parade.

Muddy cyclocross in Santa Claus costumes.

The Electrobike Pi weighs 60 pounds. Which reminds me: Optibike's FAQ says "The [$6000] Optibike only weighs 57 lbs, about as much as a full suspension downhill bicycle, so pedaling as normal is a blast."

Shoe dryer.

Sue has another Bike Haiku.

Bike in the background at the Sartorialist.


bikesgonewild said...

... wonderfully altruistic move by that young lady...11 years old & big hearted as can be...

...fritz, seeing that track cyclist made me wanna give a shout out to my friend ken foraker...dude rides his yeti on the dirt & his breezer 'round the streets, down in so-cal...

...ken used to race the downhill @ mammoth...think about it, on the dirt, fast & steep w/ one leg...big ones ? no, BIG ONES & the guy is a straight up good man...

Fritz said...

Yeah those cyclists with severe handicaps really impress me. When I lived in Champaign County, Illinois, I met a few olympic handcyclists -- these are people with both legs missing or disabled and they race with their handcycles. A couple of them let me try their rig out -- their amazing to ride!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out!

Ken Foraker