Monday, December 10, 2007

Bicycle fenders

Fenders are my friend. Mudguards are marvelous.

bicycle fender mudguard

And of course I'm obligated to link to Getinlost in Colorado, who posted a haiku about fenders.

Fenders enable me to ride my bike without getting the stripe up my backside. Fenders keep my shoes from getting soaked through except in the worst downpours. Fenders help keep muck and grit and salt away from the bottom bracket and other drivetrain parts. Fenders prolong the life of exposed cables. Fendered cyclists might attract wheel suckers.

What are some other benefits of fenders?


gwadzilla said...


I am between fenders on my bike

I need to dedicate a bike to commuting

since I moved to the 29 inch wheel bike
I have lost a real commuter machine

Anonymous said...

fenders look good, too. they are also a good place for reflective tape and interesting stickers.

Illinoisfrank said...

They can also be quite stylish too.

Seth said...

To second illinoisfrank - yes - fenders can be hot, too.

Anonymous said...

anyone know where I can find white full coverage fenders for a 27" tire?

Fritz said...

Anon, wider fenders (e.g. 45mm width) for 700c/29" tires should work. I've also heard of people using 26" fenders on 27" tire bikes.

Anonymous said...

I love my fenders, but the trailing end of the front fender wags at moderate speed and above. I need suggestions on a fix.