Thursday, December 06, 2007

Santa Cruz surf

This video shows what the surf looks like right now where I live. To keep it on topic, you can see some cyclists toward the end of the video :-)

My Santa Cruz surf photos are here on Flickr. Most are of my son's middle school surf team. The surf team coach sent an email to the team this week telling everybody to keep out of the water this week. The current surf report tells us the waves are a little more manageable today.

I see quite a few folks carry shortboards under their arms while biking to the beach. A few others have sidemount surfboard racks. I also found this DIY surfboard rack made from PVC pipe. I don't believe I've ever seen anyone haul a longboard by bike, though photos on the web show that it's doable.


Dr. Logan said...

That was you in the beginning riding the 15 footer right?

Fritz said...

Yeah, sure, that was me. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Fishbones said...

The Xtracycle (see wikipedia) has a long-load adapter which seems well suited to a longboard.