Wednesday, December 12, 2007

European Cyclelicious meetup

Yours truly will be traveling around Europe for three weeks starting at the end of this month and I would like to meet some of our Cyclelicious readers around the world! If you are a reader from any of the following countries, please email me at and let's work on meeting up. You'll even be featured on this site!

The areas I will be visiting are:

  • Copenhagen, Denmark (December 28)
  • Helsinki and Rovaniemi, Finland (December 29 - January 2)
  • Tallinn, Estonia (January 3-4)
  • Riga, Latvia (January 5)
  • Vilnius, Lithuania (January 6)
  • Warsaw, Poland (January 7)
  • London, England (January 8)
  • Edinburgh, Scotland (January 9)
  • Dublin, Ring of Kerry, Galway, and Shannon, Ireland (January 10-17)
I hope to meet some of our global readers! Contact me if you are willing to meet up!


Dr. Logan said...

Wow, sounds miserable.

Anonymous said...

Without an itinerary and so little detail this could result in a 'date' worse than anything you'd get from Facebook or Fiends Reunivited.

Are you trying to travel as a 52nd state or with a light touch blending in to the background.have you e-mailed the ECF members and local online fora to meet up with them. My first US tour was very much one of discovery on arrival with just a single contact address to kick-off from.