Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Gift ideas for cyclists

Here are some unique and (mostly) inexpensive gift ideas in this Shameless Commerce edition of Cyclelicious. You won't get these in time for Christmas, but who says gifts are limited to holidays?
  • My buddy Ken is an excellent cycling photographer who has had his photos published in VeloNews and Road Bike Action. He's offering professionally framed, conservation quality prints of his cycling photos for sale now. Visit Ken Conley's website for details. That picture of Alberto Contador in Missouri is his.

  • Jim in Colorado sells his cute Oil Free and Happy patches online. He also has stickers and t-shirts for sale.

  • These Zero Per Gallon patches and stickers are getting popular in the SF Bay Area. Be the first in your area with these fun "$0.00" patches and stickers. You can also get shirts, belts, and bling to "show off your true bike dorkiness."

    bicycle pannier bag
  • Moving up the price scale are these gorgeous bicycle bags from Basil. In the United States, Clever Cycles in Portland carries the "Blossom" and "Jasmine" panniers, and they'll ship them to you with a credit card payment. The nice folks at Clever Cycles are very very helpful. If you order any panniers from Clever Cycles, be ready with rack measurements and (for rear rack mounting) distance from the pedal at its rear-most position to the front of the rack.

    Borderline consumerism

  • If you're lucky, you might win one of two $50 gift cards from Ultra Rob. Go visit Ultra Rob's shop for more gift ideas.

  • The Danish Reelight Bicycle Lights mount to the wheels for no battery always on flashing action.

  • Robert Hurst's The Art of Cycling: A Guide to Bicycling in 21st-Century America is the best book I've seen on practical riding in the USA.

  • The Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair comes from Park Tools, which is probably the bike tools company that your bike shop uses. It covers everything from basic skills to servicing hydraulic brakes and suspension forks.

  • Any potential art bike builders and Burning Man participants may want Atomic Zombie's Bicycle Builder's Bonanza.

  • Absolutely free, of course, is Cyclelicious! Tell your friends about the joy of cycling.
Remember, it's not a gift if you get it for yourself! Enjoy the holidays, all!


kwc said...

Thanks for the plug :). Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Ken's pics are excellent...great eye!

The ToM shot of The Lone Cyclist riding next to the long row of MoDOT trucks on the road captures the essence of our conditions and mutual struggle.

Some day I hope to buy a picture of Ken's future shot: one truck surrounded by hundreds of cyclists!