Wednesday, April 15, 2009

CSI NY and Bike Polo

CSI NY investigators Stella Bonasera and Danny Messer interview (get this) "Gavin Skidmore," a member of the "Brooklyn Bruisers" bike polo team during their investigations in the episode "Prey."

CSI NY Bike Polo

The guy is way too clean cut to play bike polo, and his polo bike has brakes! View the episode online here. The bike polo part is about 10 minutes in.

See also more snarky commentary at Urban Velo.

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Sveden said...

The vast majority of bike polo players use freewheel bikes with rear brakes.

Yokota Fritz said...

Thanks Svede. I guess I wasn't aware of that.

Jennifer said...

Oughtn't they be wearing helmets, if the sport is that deadly?

tim said...

@ sveden
yes the vast majority use free wheel but its a perk to have a fixed gear while at goalie.
btw im the guy in red.