Friday, April 10, 2009

The Dancing Chain

The Dancing Chain, 3rd Edition.

Unlike other bicycle history books, which cover only the first 100 years, this book deals extensively with the second century of bicycle development. It traces the development of the modern derailleur bicycle from its crude beginnings right up to the most modern mountain bikes and road racing bicycles.

This thoroughly updated and expanded edition includes over 150 additional illustrations and hundreds of text corrections and updates, ranging from details of 19th century predecessors of the derailleur to brand new 2009 product introductions.


GhostRider said...

Dammit...I was just finishing absorbing all the goodies in the 2nd addition!

Well, I'll have to add this edition to my booklist.

Yokota Fritz said...

I was looking for 2nd edition and saw 3rd edition was out!