Monday, April 27, 2009

Larkspur Ferry free rides for cyclists

The Golden Gate Larkspur Ferry is offering free ferry rides for bicyclists on weekends in May, including Memorial Day.

This free ride offer is apparently a mea culpa and apology offered to cyclists. In 1974, the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission issued a permit for the Larkspur ferry terminal parking lot that stipulates bike access around the lot. The Golden Gate Bridge District, which owns the terminal the parking lot, began allowing cars to park on the bike path beginning in 2003. After motorists complained about damage to their tires from hopping the curb to park in the bike path, the GGB District even built a ramp to ease car access onto the bike path.

In 2007, the Bay Commission directed the Bridge District to spend money to restore the bike path. This work was recently completed and the Bridge District announced the free rides for cyclists in May to celebrate the completion of the bike project.

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Anonymous said...

Be warned that bicycle space on these ferries is limited. If you get "bumped", there will be a 2 hour wait for the next ferry.

The last ferry leaves Larkspur at 5:30pm and takes 1.5 hours to get to SF. If you get bumped from the 5:30 ferry, you are out of luck.

Why didn't they make this offer for weekdays when there are 20 ferries per day instead of only 5?

m e l i g r o s a said...

I often ride up there. for some reason the in-out and across that blvd. flow always seems pretty rough for such a slow rider like me.
thanks for the info fritz ;)

Anonymous said...

This "free" offer is particularly niggardly for those starting in San Francisco. The first ferry of the day leaves at 12.40pm, arriving at 1.30. The last returning ferry leaves at 5.30pm. That is, you have a total of four hours between when the first ferry gets you to Larkspur and when the last one leaves.

And wouldn't it be great to get bumped from that one??? Better get there early, maybe in time to catch the 3.40 ferry back. Oops, that only leaves 2 hours and ten minutes.

What a generous offer!