Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wind advisory

30 mph tailwind gusting to 50 mph = passing traffic on El Camino Real. It also means a big tree limb crashing down near me, eucalyptus junk littering the roadway, and a strength sapping chill that kept me from sprinting off the line after red lights. We're supposed to have winds almost as strong on Wednesday in the Bay Area. These strong winds will supposedly subside before the Sea Otter Classic begins this Thursday in Monterey.

A magical pixie dust shout out to Murph, who I ran into in Mountain View.

Strong northerly winds will continue this evening across most of
the San Francisco and Monterey Bay region. Wind gusts between 45
and 50 mph -- and locally to 60 mph -- have been reported along the
Sonoma and Marin coastline with similar gusts along the San Mateo
coast. At San Francisco Airport wind gusts to 60 mph were reported
this evening.

Northerly wind gusts to 45 mph will occur across the advisory area
but the strongest winds are expected to be near the coast and in
the hills above 1000 feet. These wind gusts are strong enough
to bring down power lines, small branches and weak trees.


Adrienne Johnson said...

I had to come home because of the wind. It was up to almost 60 MPH gusts in my neighborhood. The cross wind kept grabbing the FreeRadical on the xtracycle and pushing me into traffic! I was afraid one of the old trees around here would come down on me (it happens around here, a lot) Yuck : (

Ride safe, tomorrow : )

SiouxGeonz said...

I have been wondering whether climate change will make these kinds of days fairly normal.

Yokota Fritz said...

@Adrienne: The wind makes the Panda Portraits difficult :-)

@Sioux: I was expecting "That's nothing; 100 mph headwind in both directions today, with tornadoes, lightning and hail!" Which reminds me of the time a tornado jumped over me by the Meijer store on North Prospect Avenue. The scariest moment of my life happened right there in Champaign, Illinois.

Phil Aaronson said...

I had one of the sweetest rides into work ... strong tailwind the whole way. The ride home however was the opposite. All the branches and pine cones in the road were a nice bonus! :)