Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Haven Streets Smarts campaign

Yale University's Street Smarts website features a animations highlighting simple traffic situations and how pedestrians, cyclists and motorists should deal with them.

Hat tip to Design New Haven, which discusses the site and issues in more detail.


Jessi Hance said...

Love it! Great info cleverly and effectively presented.

If everyone followed their guidelines, I'd have so much less to rant about, I'd have to take up tatting or something just to fill the extra time.

Ann S. Byrns said...

One thing left out is how cycle riders should behave when they encounter a horse on the street, especially when coming from behind. This week I was leading my horse down a quiet country lane when a silent bike rider came up behind us--we didn't even hear any wheel spinning or gear clicking. My horse ordinarily doesn't spook at bikes but this rider didn't let us know he was there. Surprised, she veered sideways into me, I fell and she stepped on my thigh. It is better for cyclists to announce their presence by calling out "bike behind!" or by ringing your bell. Had this cyclist done so, my horse would not have spooked. Horses are prey animals that react to silent approaches from behind as if it were a mountain lion stalking them. They catch a glimpse of movement and bolt first, identify later. So please make a little bit of noise if you are riding up from behind. That identifies you as NOT a lion. Thanks!

Ann S. Byrns said...

Visit to learn about our walk across America. Share the road! Thanks and may we all be safe.

Yokota Fritz said...

Thanks for that note, Ann. My in laws all have horses so it's second nature to me to announce my presence. -- I'll probably promote your comment to a post sometime next week.