Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Credit card numbers stolen from Bike Nashbar?

Somebody has apparently stolen credit card information through Nashbar's website:
I found that NASHBAR has finally acknowledged the problem and is sending out some sort of correspondence to its customers after receiving months of complaints. A little too late, if you ask me. In other forums I found that NASHBAR is allegedly allowing third parties to access their customer's information in an unsecured environment.
More at Inside the Outside.


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jasper9 said...

eh crap... i always wondered what site it was that was hacked. i had my cards reissued a little while back with no notice of why. :/

Anonymous said...

I had a fraudulent charge shortly after buying from nashbar. Had to have my card replaced.

Anonymous said...

Bike Nashbar was hacked and all credit card information was comprimised. I called Nashbar about this credit card fraud and their call center could not have been less helpful. Never again.

Anonymous said...

They need to use PayPal!!

Mike said...

Had a problem with fraudulently charging my card...turns out they're using the stolen nashbar numbers. I've found multiple complaints from people about them who were also linked to a nashbar purchase. :( I like Jensonusa a bit better anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Nashbar admits they were hacked and is notifying customers (slowly):

Anonymous said...

Bike Nashbar actually called me to tell me that they had been hacked.