Thursday, July 30, 2009

Odds and ends

I've been biking to work since the 80s, and I have bike parts laying around all over the place. Sitting on my desk at work I have a 1986 Shimano 105 brake lever waiting to be put to use somewhere.

Likewise, I have an inbox of bikey links to share, some older than others. Enjoy!

Mission Bicycle in San Francisco started as a side venture in 2008 selling fixed gear bicycles online. They decided to open a retail presence on Valencia in SF. Read more.

Join Levi Leipheimer for a fully-supported fall bicycle ride in Sonoma County in Levi Leipheimer's King Ridge GranFondo.

World Car Free Network blog from Prague. I thought I had mentioned this before but couldn't find it.

Movie: Bicycle Dreams. I'll more about this later.

BI: Can a professionally run mountain bike organization also be a vibrant social club?

CB: Alberto Contador trivia.

Old cycling photos.

Masiguy: Corny Joke.

More bikey shirts, hat and belt at Pedal Pushers Club.

Photo by Jason Rogers.


Reesie said...

Bikey love!!

I adore that super cute hat on the Pedal Pushers site. Now to find out if it fits my giant head.....

dogsrunfree said...

Odds and ends, odds and ends, lost time is not found again.