Friday, July 10, 2009

Walk your bike

CNN news guys Anderson Cooper rides a bicycle in Manhattan. Except when he's walking the bike with his friend with a matching shirt.

**RESTRICTIONS APPLY**CNN news presenter Anderson Cooper cycles around Manhattan on his mountain bike

Marisa Tomei also walks with her bike-walking friend in New York City. Like Anderson's bike, this one sports one of Kryptonite's heavy duty chain locks.

RESTRICTIONS APPLY: Marisa Tomei goes for a walk with a friend in the Meatpacking District

Agyness Deyn also walks her bike in the East Village.

Agyness Deyn eats her vegetables

Meanwhile on the left coast, people actually ride their bikes as Domenico Nesci so aptly demonstrates during filming of a promotion for the MTV Movie Awards. The prop master was careful to cover up the bike's brand, but failed to inflate the rear tire. Oh well.

**EXCLUSIVE** Domenico Nesci cycles round Beverly Hills filming promotional footage for the MTV Movie Awards


Anonymous said...

Not only is Nesci riding, but riding on the street! Do the celebs in New York ride on the street or sidewalk?

Jym said...

=v= I've seen celebs in NYC biking on the street or on the greenway, never one the sidewalk. (Most sidewalk bikers in NYC are food-delivery people.)

Reese said...

HAHA, thee are way too funny. It's like bike-riding FAIL, but bike walking WIN!

Oh whatever. They all know bikes are the latest, greatest fashion accessory.