Wednesday, July 22, 2009

They're groomed like precious poodles

A comment about fixed gear bikes -- "They're groomed like precious poodles."

Seth Godin: Winning on the uphill.

Bicycle Santa Cruz Wharf

Check out this grocery getter bike. Wow. It even folds. Via.

Is Sunday Streets the next Critical Mass?

It's illegal to bike to school in James Kunstler's hometown.

Bike Hugger: Disc brake conversion.

Tahoe Trail Building: "The Real Story."

TdF Lawyer Lips.

WIRED: Saddlebags are about to become the next big bike fashion.

WIRED Gadget Lab builds a fixed gear bike.

Bicleta Bandita rants about commercialization of fixed gear culture.

Gizmodo: Garmin vs HTC in the TdF.

Yehuda: Tradition.

Nippleworks: 650 area code is road cycling haven.

CPSC recalls exercise ellipticals because you might fall down.

1 comment:

Steven Vance said...

That folding grocery getting is so freaking sweet.
What an awesome idea to have it disconnect to add the cargo component, which also has its own mini wheels so you can use it just like a regular shopping cart.

Pure genius.

I bet the Dutch are jealous.