Wednesday, July 15, 2009

TdF Stage 11: Conspiracy?

The GC standings are really starting to freak me out. Ever since Stage 7, the top three rankings have invariably looked like this:

    NOCENTINI Rinaldo (Italy) Agr2-La Mondial
    CONTADOR Alberto  (Spain) Astana          +00'06"
    ARMSTRGONG Lance  (USA)   Astana          +00'08"
With the exception of Stage 10 when Andreas Kloden briefly bested him, American Levi Leipheimer has been consistently in 4th place at 39 seconds behind NOCENTINI.

What's up with that?

Spoilers in the links out...

You'll see race details in the race reports but Cavendish's win moved him up one place in the GC from 135th place to 134th at 1 hour 14 minutes behind race leader Rinaldo Nocentini.

KWC: Cav unbeatable.

Bike Rumor: Cavendish Continues.

Bike World News: Stage 11 results.

VN: Cav leaps uphill.

CN: Cavendish ties British record with his 4th Stage win


kit said...

The stage 10 results where Kloden "bested" Leipheimer we later revised. Levi finished with the peloton with no split.

The peloton has just been rolling in all together with all the leaders, none of the leaders have tried to break away as of yet. Everybody's playing it safe.

bikesgonewild said...'s just the configuration of this year's tour...the pyrenees weren't used this time around to break up the top standings but guys will have a lotta miles in their legs when things turn real serious...

...some will pay for that & some will just have ridden themselves into shape...

...look at the time gap between first & last place...obviously it's still a serious bike race...just hasn't gotten down to brass tacks yet...

Yokota Fritz said...

I know I know, the teams are biding their time for the mountain stages. Still...

We'll see things get interesting tomorrow, that's for certain.