Monday, November 26, 2007

Bicycle Christmas cards

Bicycle themed Christmas greeting cards are available from a number of vendors. I like these bicycle chain images from Skeese Greets.

Bike chain christmas card

Other bicycle Christmas cards are available from these resources.
  • Earth Rider has a nice wheel and wreath card reproduced from a linoleum print among their greeting cards.
  • For those in the UK, Sustrans has this nice "Rudolph's night off" card with Santa delivering gifts to good bike riding children.
  • Bicycle Gifts has a number of designs available, many of which feature Santa and a reindeer riding road and mountain bikes.
I owe Warren a link because he posted a baiku. Seasons greetings, all!


Illinoisfrank said...

Speaking of baiku (see my blog) did you ever see this?

Guitar Ted said...

Skeese Greets just hit our shop today. WOW! They are alot for the money and the personal service given was fantastic. I highly recommend these to any LBS.