Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Introducing Carl in Longmont

Carl is a member of Bicycle Longmont in Longmont, Colorado, where he's active in the local Safe Routes to School program at his school. The Longmont and St. Vrain Valley School District Safe Routes to School program is among the most successful in the United States, with up to 90% participation at one of the schools.

Carl now has a blog: Getinlost in..., which I'm obligated to link to because he posted a bicycle haiku.

Via Carl's blog I also found the Alex Draude's Straight Chain blog about fixie riding in Kyoto and other areas in Japan.

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getinlost said...

Thank you for that build up. I really enjoy your site. It has become one of the morning "coffee stops". For some more horn tooting, it was the school that my kids go to that had the 98% turnout!
Thanks, Carl