Friday, November 09, 2007

Bike POLITE jackets and shirts

According to Carlton Reid in the UK, bike patrol officers are given a wide berth by motorists when using police bikes, wearing police kit, but as soon as they change back into street clothes they go back to being targets again. Not that anybody advocates impersonating a police officer, but what if you could look something like a cop?

Carlton has created a series of POLITE shirts and jackets that can be purchased on Spreadshirt, which is a European version of Cafe Press. The black jacket shown above is a thin polyester training jacket with cotton liner. He's also made a long sleeve t-shirt available with "POLITE" on the back and "ONE LESS CAR" on the front.

I often ride a plain black bike equipped with a rear rack and rack trunk that looks just like a police bike. When I wear black pants, black shoes and a black jacket, I've heard pedestrians make remarks about "%*#! pigs on bikes" as a ride by.

Learn more at Quickrelease.TV. Spreadshirt, unfortunately, does not ship outside of Europe. Given that the US Dollar has lost 40% of its value against the UK pound and Euro this year, Americans can't afford anything from Europe anyway.


SiouxGeonz said...

I feel a PhD thesis coming on: the visual pun. Enhanced opportunities for merging meanings in the post-graphic world.
I dig it.

Carlton said...

Hey, thanks, Fritz.

I tried to load to Cafepress but there's no text option as per spreadshirt. I loaded a text graphic but the baseball jersey won't accept it no matter what size I resize it.

I've also Googled lots about 'impersonating police' and found stuff about a stripogram who seemed to have been charged not with the clothing but carrying the baton.

Jana Eggers said...

Hi, folks!

I have some good news... Spreadshirt does deliver to the US... actually North America!

Y'all just need to set-up a shop on You'll have the same functionality. There is some difference in apparel selection, due to availability and styles in the two continents.

Enjoy! Happy to have you with us!

Fritz said...

Sue, that's way too subtle and eggheadish for my little literal minded brain...

Jana, thanks for the note about Spreadshirt USA. Do you normally read Cyclelicious? Or do you have a blog alert set up for mentions of your company name?