Friday, November 30, 2007

Queens bicycle ghetto blasters

These kids in Queens roll with 5000 watt amplifiers booming about 150 decibels of music on the streets of New York City. They make custom cabinets to house the systems, with more cabinets holding the car batteries to power the system. Most of the bikes have decorative lighting and some have DVD screens for viewing while riding, according to the Times article.

Read more at the New York Times. Thank you to the Longmonster.


Paul Tay said...

Off da HOOK! 5,000 watts beats anything I got: a cheapo guitar amp, power inverter, and 12v lawnmower battery.

I once tried a low-power FM transmitter to leverage the motorists' superior in-car stereo system.

anabananasplit said...

Paul Freedman has a fully pedal-powered version of that (although less hi-tech, no DVDs and stuff), the Soul Cycle.

Fritz said...

The Rock the Bike folks are regulars at many Bay Area bike events. You see 'em around :-)