Saturday, November 03, 2007

Daylight savings ends Sunday

To cyclists, that means another hour for riding in the mornings as well as an excuse to write another bike haiku like Frank did. :-)

Here's a picture from what I did yesterday. Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park is about a 10 minute bike ride from my front door. In the photo I'm fording across the San Lorenzo River. From there I rode uphill into Santa Cruz Pogonip Park, onto the U-Conn Trail, and then I did a couple of loops through UCSC forest trails before zooming downhill into the city of Santa Cruz where I caught a bus back home. The weather was beautiful -- sunny and with a high of nearly 80°F in November! Like Jason wrote, "Being a cyclist means hating global warming … but liking it warm. Oh, the humanity!"

Mountain bike fording the San Lorenzo River

The bike is an old low-end GT mountain bike that's now about ten years old but still going strong.

Mountain bike tip of the day: When you hop over a 12 inch log, watch your landing zone for large obstructions! If you don't, you might face plant like I did -- that's dirt from the trail on my face after I shoveled straight in just like Steve Austin's experimental spaceplane shoveled into the runway in the Six Million Dollar Man.

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Warren T said...

I'm jealous. That looks incredibly fun! It would appear that we switched modes this weekend; I abandoned the trails to ride in traffic.

(Note to self, it's time to find an old mountain bike and try the trails at the park...)