Thursday, May 01, 2008

Bay Area bicycle news

Bike Month. The San Francisco Bay Area Bicycle Coalition and Metropolitan Transportation Commission announced the 2008 Bike Commuter of the Year awards for each of the nine San Francisco Bay Area counties.

Cyclist on Santa Clara Street

San Francisco Fell & Masonic. Motorists turning left from Fell onto Masonic cross the Panhandle Path crosswalk and collisions with bicyclists are almost routine. City attorneys in San Francisco persuaded Judge Peter Busch to make an exception in his injunction against bicycle projects for intersection improvements at Fell and Masonic in the City. Work can now proceed to improve the intersections so the crosswalk will have its own green cycle, and left turners must wait for a green turn arrow. More at SFist and San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.

Spinning Crank. The May issue of the Spinning Crank [PDF] is available online. The Spinning Crank is the newsletter of the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition. The May issue covers Bike To Work Day events throughout the South Bay and on the Peninsula and the nearly 80 "Energizer Stations" that will be open on that day. Use the Energizer Station interactive map to find an Energizer Station on Bike To Work Day.

Marin and Sonoma County. Read commentary on the commuter rail proposal from Larkspur to Cloverdale.

Bay Area air quality: It's bad. Those who are out in it every day already know that.

Bay Area job openings
  • Napa County Bicycle Coalition seeks Executive Director. Details.
  • Bay Area Bicycle Coalition seeks Bike To Work Day Assistant Coordinator. This is a temporary position that will last from the hire date until June 30, 2008. See here for details.
  • SF Bike Coalition is searching for a Membership and Development Assistant. Details. SFBike also has an opening for a part time bookkeeper and various intern positions.


Jerry said...

Seems the Sonoma-Marin SMART concept makes more sense because of it's 70 mile route than the crazy San Jose Metro East idea highlighted her earlier this week. I'm all for mass transit but the San Jose Metro East concept seems loony with, amongst other things, it's station right into SJC. With SMART, at least CalTrain has shown that a 70 mile circuit works, though the population densities are just a tad different.

Eh what the heck, built it.

Jym said...

=v= A nit, since I've seen this a few times now: Judge Busch did not impose the injunction; that was the work of the now-retired Judge Warren, who had a long history of nutty rulings.

Busch has been upholding the ruling in the face of various motions, but I can't tell whether that means he agrees with it or just wants to uphold judicial authority. Note that this crosswalk is for a MUP and sidewalks, so it's not bike-specific. The bike-specific changes at the Market/Octavia deathtrap were denied.

Fritz said...

Ah, thank you Jym. I knew better but got lazy with the cut and paste.