Monday, May 19, 2008

DKNY orange bicycles in London

Do you remember the DKNY orange bicycles during Fashion Week in New York? They're now in London advertising that underwear for men are now available.

DKNY orange bicycle in London

Photo: DKNY Bike by Rachel Clarke, CC License


Anonymous said...

Is the fork mounted backwards on purpose so that nobody will steal their advertisement?

ark said...

It irks me soooo much that that fork is on backwards! It's the first thing I noticed and that alone would make me avoid DKNY stuff from now on.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the stem is mounted backwards to accomodate somebody with T-Rex-like arms?

Michael said...

I'm sure the paint on the chain, gears, etc. must really help too!

bikesgonewild said...

..."Hey, don't get your new DKNY knickers in the proverbial knot. My crack research staff ascertained the Brits drive on the wrong side of the road & thought these bikes would compensate. These kids used to be NYC bike messengers, so they don't know bikes like me."...
signed: Donna 'Kilo TT' Karan

Anonymous said...

Bananarent had bikes chained - without permission to LBK&C bike racks to operate their hire service and eventually got served with an ASBO. Like NYC this is a blatant flouting of laws against fly-posting so Westminster Council could take out an ASBO against DKNY, or perhaps even clas this as fly-posting which could carry a fine for each offence (anyone done a bike count?).

The practice gets parked bikes a bad name and blocks space for bona fide cyclists to park

With no brakes the other risk is that someone might actual;ly try an steal one of the bikes and ride it (in that state) so there is also a corporate liability

Given the lack of decent cycle parking on-street in London the more astute PR person would have looked at ways to 'sponsor' cycle parking which would have given a far better result in public image - thay mighte also have looked at the move by HSBC in France and the Copenhagen City Cycles to support the City Bike scheme by 'branding the fleet - Copenhagen has a tariff of branding blocks of their 2500 bike fleet, which is run as a not-for-profit operation using work skills trainees to maintain the bikes and rebuilding the machines every year (some of the bikes are over 12 years old) so they run a scheme which has 50% more bikes per sq km than Paris, which are used up to 15 times per bike per day (Paris is about 5 times per bike per day). I think the income to support the Copenhagen scheme is around DKr 2m per year if they sell all the space.

May all your rides be downhill with a following wind..

A V Lowe and B C Klett