Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bike week bloggers

Design O Jek says it's Bike to Work Week in Kansas!

WashCycle says it's Bike To Work Week in the Washington DC area!

Riverfront Times says it's Bike to Work Week in the St. Louis!

Ozone Bike Department says Bike To Work Week and Day in Austin!

Other stuff:
  • wjc responds to jwz.
    Still, I’ve never heard of anyone who has reportedly ridden bikes so much for so long with so little interest in cycling culture or knowledge about bikes. Srsly, if you’ve been bike commuting daily for 10 years, paying a bike shop $20 to fix a flat is like a unix geek paying an intern $20 to write a 2-minute shell script.

  • MAKE reports on the bikes at Maker Faire.

  • Masiguy can't type, so he did a podcast instead, where he describes his crash in detail. I feel his pain. Ouch. He severs his thumb, is knocked unconscious, spends several days in the hospital, and then apologizes for his lack of blogging. What a trooper.

  • "I am opening myself up to negative comments from the legions of gold plated Italian component fans on the web," writes James.

  • Rich Kelly: Doping in pro baseball.
  • A boy sold his bicycle to raise funds for Hillary Clinton's campaign. "I was thinking one day how could I make money for the campaign," he says. "And I just went through my closet and found things I didn't need."

  • Rechargeable lantern for your Nalgene bottle.
  • Amanda Annis seemed like such a sweet kid. Her boyfriend James Bausch was on his way to pick up an engagement ring when she was hit by a motorist running a red light and killed. James was planning to meet her father to ask Amanda's hand in marriage last weekend.

  • MONKEY ELECTRIC. I have a set of these on the way!
  • Back to Maker Faire: Guy Kawasaki took lots of bike photos.
  • Danny in Seattle wrecked his car. What should buy to replace his ride?
Enjoy your bike riding this week!


Anonymous said...

The picture (believe it or not!) is one of the few bike paths in St Louis. Riding on it today I wondered what happened there to create all the mud and destruction along the path. Thanks for revealing that it was just locals in SUVs-pickups enjoying their BUD and other brews.

Adam said...

It's bike to work week in Tampa Bay!

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Well... I feel like I should be blogging more. I know... I hit my head pretty hard.

midway cyclist said...

i know just enough about unix to be dangerous