Friday, May 23, 2008

Monkey Electric wheel lights (and a coupon code)

Susan and Judy look at my Monkey Electric bike lights I'm showing off the Monkey Electric wheel light to my co-workers Susan and Judy. Dudes and dames, flashy bright stuff on your bike work well to attract the opposite sex, drawing them like moths to a porch light or fireflies to each other.
I'm not that great of a photographer and these things are devilishly hard to get good photos of, especially when I'm using a broken camera, so you'll just have to trust me when I write that I love my Monkey Electric wheel lights!

This gadget attaches to your wheel spokes with zip ties. The set of bright, colorfully flashing LEDs makes cool persistence of vision patterns as you roll. These even work well in shade (like we have in the Santa Cruz Mountains) and overcast skies (like we often have in San Francisco).

These guys do a fantastic job lighting up the ground around you.

These are about twice of the price of comparable Hokey Spokes. Monkey Electric lights do not sync up like Hokey Spokes do, but then you don't need two or three units to make a decent pattern, and the LEDs on the Monkey Electric lights are much brighter and colorful. Some people like the aesthetics of Hokey Spokes better, and I think Monkey Electric are a little bit less resistant to theft since all you need to do is snip three zip ties to take these things; Hokey Spokes are secured with screws.

For details and online purchase, visit Monkey Electric. Use the coupon code "BIKECULT" for 25% off of your order until July 15, 2008. Order fulfillment is quick, shipping is fast, and installation is no problem at all.


Anonymous said...

Do the lights affect the ride? I'd think that the weight of the lights would make the wheel unbalanced.

They do look super cool!

Fritz said...

When you get going fast enough you can notice the wheel bumping up and down a little. I mounted mine as close to the hub as possible to minimize that.

The instructions also note that the lights should be mounted inside the spokes. I ignored that and mounted them outside the spokes, but that results in the battery case brushing up against the chainstay.

Anonymous said...

It's only 5% off your purchase, not 25%.

Yokota Fritz said...

Thanks Anon for that update. The stated offer was made in 2008 and was good "until July 15, 2008" (emphasis added).