Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Silicon Valley cycle style

Ken has some humorous observations on Silicon Valley cyclists.

If you visit Cyclelicious, you might notice some random "XXX is your new bicycle" text near the top of the page. What do you think of that silliness? You're free to grab the Javascript code for your own website if you want -- if you know Javascript its fairly easy to figure out, but if you need some help and you're interested then let me know. I've even made it so you can easily replace "Cyclelicious" with your own name.


thePig said...

Have just loaded it onto cyclepig. Will try it for a few days and see what people think.

I generally like this type of stuff, as life doesn't have to be too serious.

However, I am yet to see 'CyclePig likes to play in the mud'.

Fritz said...

I'll add the mud thing to the script. Any other suggestions?

thePig said...

I have come up with a couple extra:
- climbs mountains in the big ring
- has grease repellant skin
- shaves his legs with a dry razor
- will be your wingman anytime
- will take a bullet for you
- 's screams can be heard in space
- 's legs are made of carbon fibre
- 's other bike is a tricycle
- sleeps on a bicycle trainer
- has cleats built into his feet

Use any of these you please.
Did you invent the rest? They are really good. Must have taken a long time.

Fritz said...

Thanks Pig -- I've added your suggested. I even added one with a link to your site :-)

I browsed some lists of bad songs, bad cliches, personal ads and so forth and let stream of consciousness take over from there.