Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Norcal bicycle blogs that you read

On the survey, I asked what northern California bicycle blogs you visited. Personally, I think of NorCal is the region north of the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento, but in common usage the SF Bay Area and even the Monterey Bay area are included -- I see a lot of Nor*Cal logos on trucks and surfboards around Santa Cruz, for instance. For Cyclelicious I'll use the common usage because, frankly, there aren't that many people in Chico, Redding, Eureka and Arcata, California.

Here are the blogs you mentioned:

Elsewhere in California

  • Somebody mentioned that Commute By Bike covers cycling as transportation in the South Bay, and that's because I'm a contributor there.

  • Somebody also mentioned C.I.C.L.E., which is a very good resource that I follow in Los Angeles.
There are, of course, several others in Northern California and elsewhere around the Golden State. Feel free to post links to your favorites and your own blogs in the comments!


295bus said...

Thanks for the plug!

A sometimes bike-themed SoCal blog that I'm a fan of is The Militant Angeleno.

naotoj said...

Thank you for listing my blog. I just wonder who referred mine to the survey.

Dr. Logan said...

I semi-regularly blog about my commuting and general biking in Sacramento. You can read it at www.damncyclist.com

Curtis Corlew said...

Don't go leaving out my "Curtis in Bicycle Land"

Jim G said...

WOOT! Thanks for the linkage!

295bus said...

Here's another new one:


cyclofiend said...

Hey there - thanks for the pointer! - Cyclofiend Jim